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31 Bits jewelry is made out of 100% recycled paper, posters, and magazines by internally displaced women in Northern Uganda.
Uganda has been plagued by an internal war between the government and the Lord’s Resistance Army for over twenty years. The war has caused untold numbers of abductions, torture, rape and deaths throughout the northern regions of the country. Over one-million of the Acholi people, who reside in the north, have been displaced, many forcibly entered into refugee camps. The refugee camps provide little refuge due to poor security, lack of healthcare, lack of proper sanitation, and a lack of jobs. The endemic poverty is hardest on the children who often go hungry and have little opportunities to grow out of their current situation. However, in the midst of this suffering, there are women who are finding creative ways to provide for themselves and their families through their art of jewelry. These crafts, though easily made, are very difficult to sell because there are few available markets for such items. Despite the fear of ongoing war and the struggle to provide basic necessities, there is immense hope for change.
31 Bits is centered around using the creative art and entrepreneurship already present in the women. Our goal is to help get them out of poverty, provide consistent schooling for their children, and proper nutrition and healthcare for the entire family. We do this by creating an international market and a voice for the beautiful jewelry the women are already making. All of our products are bought directly from the women, are fair trade, are made from recycled paper, and are sold in boutiques across the United States. We envision that in two years we will expand 31 Bits to partner with local Non Government Organizations to initiate and fund community based projects directed by the needs and desires of the community.

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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