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Developer description is a replacement for traditional paper work placed accident books used in the UK. The advantages of the site are: - data is kept highly secure – on the server and in transit - it is always difficult to find a paper accident book in an office drawer when you need it – especially with multi-sites whereas the web site is a single point of entry and can be used away from the site of an accident - once an account is set up some personal data can be pre-filled from your account to complete a B1 510 accident record making it a lot easier to complete. - if necessary, data from a completed b1 510 accident record can be carried forward to pre-fill a serious incident report to RIDDOR/HSE. - a serious incident report (f2508) is submitted via the secure xml gateway to RIDDOR - safety reps receive email notifications at key stages via the workflow to review risk assessments - the cost compares favourably with a paper accident book. In a detailed private test phase but LIVE soon!

Last updated 4 Feb 2012

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