Developer description

CreationFlow is a collaboration and project management software. CreationFlow specializes in graphic, visual design and advertising projects. The goal is to help each team member to find out the tasks he or she has to do or review and manage the review workflow between designers, bosses and clients.
What exactly is a collaboration and project management software? I am going to find out.
I logged onto the demo and I do not appreciate the size 10 or 11 pixel font size. I noticed that on the dashboard, my eyes bounced back and forth between the thumbnails of the videos and the news section on the right hand site.
Basically a film producer for lets say, an advertising agency would upload a video to CreationFlow, and then people you invite review it and either approve the video or give it a rating, or should I say annotations.
Members can annotate several frames of the video, draw over it, and give a review for it.
You can upload videos, pictures and pdf files for submission, which is called a task.

Project and task management.
Upload works for review.
Visual reviews over images and videos.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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