Developer description

Avid users of social content are facing an avalanche of tweets, bookmarks, opinions, and photos shared by their friends. This content is often irrelevant to the current activity of the user and is full of mundane status updates of dinner choices or rants about airport delays.
Cuesense finds the most topical, trendiest bits of content and excels in presenting them visually to users. To identify trends, Cuesense tracks rare and hot words used to tag shared content, and keeps anonymous statistics for user clicks. To expose trends to users, Cuesense offers a web site, a Facebook application and a browser add-in. Web site users get digests of hot topics and can research trends in tag popularity. The Cuesense Facebook application publishes trend digests to user’s Facebook news feed. The Cuesense browser add-in serves as a contextual filter. When the user opens a web page, the add-in performs natural language analysis of the web page, determines its theme and contextually matches cues() to the theme based on tags and other attributes. (- a cue is a bookmark, photo, opinion or status update shared by a friend).

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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