Developer description

Festlove is the newest and best way for artists, musicians and DJ’s to get even closer to their fans. It’s a music app that gives users push notifications and recommendation on music events of their taste and chosen location.

Start by setting your radius and genres and get recommendations on events based on your music preferences. Events range from DJ sets, Guest Appearances, Concerts and even Festivals.
All the worlds music events are right at your fingertips - It gets better! Each artist or DJ has a profile which you can follow and stay notified on the events that interest you, so if any artist or DJ you follow creates an event in your chosen radius - you will get a push notification straight to your device!

Festlove Lets you:
- Track your favorite artists and Dj’s and get push notifications on relevant events in your radius. Events can range from pubs, clubs, concerts and festivals, if the event is to your music taste it will be right there on your “nearby” feed.
- Create events straight from your device to all your fans in that area, so rather than relying on twitter, word of mouth or other websites, you can send a push notification to every fan of yours in that area. Selling more tickets, bringing artists and fans even closer together, even more important for upcoming artists looking to boost their profile
- Socialize - The “Like me” function automatically suggest profiles for users to interact with based on your common preferences. Chat, create statuses, share pictures and meet with like-minded people who share your interests and maybe even going to the same concert as one another!

Here is a video of Festlove in action.

Last updated 2 Jan 2017

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