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GAMESWACK - we specialise in providing solutions to problems that don't really exist.

Perhaps you are tired of the "same old same old" musical genres?

Perhaps your looking to Impress record store workers, show off to a boy or a girl or even out hipster the hipsters.

Well - chances are this will not help you, but it may entertain you along the way.


* Thousands of possible new musical genres at your fingertips
* Share them with your friends or through your favourite social media platform.
* Alter the Mood, Origin, Style & Genre sliders to perfect your Genre

"Penetrating Scandinavian Gothic Soul Jump"
"Dirty Caribbean Motorized DooWop Core"
"Fresh Iranian Canine Big Band"
"Mysterious Irish Swanky Techno"
"Sharp Finnish Unfettered Old School"
"Skimpy Zambian Feline Trap"
"Gentle NuYorican DiscoJuice"
"Dirty Cuban Magnetized Swing"
"Wavy Patagonian Optimal Salsa"
"Nu Australian Ceaseless Bass"

Last updated 9 May 2015

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