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Developer description

Malinko consists of three integrated elements: Customer Relationship Management (CRM); appointment scheduling; and customised reporting. The powerful combination of appointment scheduling and CRM system allows you to build a complex and detailed picture of your clients. As you are able to set thresholds for your resources (eg cleaners, engineers etc) you can quickly identify where you have got underutilised resources. Its CRM function allows you to store exactly what you need about your customers. The appointment scheduling function enables you to easily create jobsheets or rosters and quickly see what’s happening on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
The system is highly customisable – you can change the terminology, so it speaks the same language as you and your staff and you can create a range of custom reports so you can ensure you get the information you need from Malinko.
As well as Malinko being platform agnostic – it will work on all browsers and all operating systems – the mobile version is just as happy on iphones, Android phones, Blackberries and Windows Mobile devices.
Malinko is backed up four times daily and all standard software updates are free of charge. We have a telephone helpline, and an online help ticketing system. These tickets are then shown in the knowledge base so all customers can benefit.
If you have been struggling with a combination of paper, spreadsheet and whiteboard systems, now is the time to change!

Last updated 8 Dec 2011

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