Developer description

Mintfolio is a new way to create fresh, stylish, and unique online portfolios with just a few easy clicks. Designed for artists, photographers, models, and creative pros alike, Mintfolio makes it ridiculously easy for you to upload and manage your latest work at your own convenience.
You are in control. Batch upload photos and videos with ease – no need to resize or thumbnail anything. Simple drag and drop organization of projects, files and content. Super easy point and click theme and color customization. Full privacy, copyright and contact control. Easily add custom pages and links for bios, events, parties, you name it!
Make it unique. Use your own domain name! Fully customizable stylesheets and themes! Easily integrate 3rd party visitor tracking. Display your latest posts from any blog or rss feed. And much more!

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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