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Developer description

Money on Toast is a UK-based site which aims to revolutionize the financial services industry by bringing it all online. Our site basically serves 3 purposes in one website:

-allows you to get fuss-free advice on every financial product through our jargon-free guides and financial planning tools. You can even book a web or phone-based appointment with one of our fully qualified financial advisers. We have also acquired industry-leading intelligent guidance software which allows users to get personalised reports and recommendations based on their needs and circumstances - like a free virtual financial adviser.

-you can buy and trade any financial product from the whole of the financial marketplace – isas, shares, funds, pensions, insurance – you can even apply for a mortgage through us.

-once you’ve bought a product it is then available for you to check up on in your Toast Rack, our online consolidation service where you can get current policy valuations and view your documentation all in one place. No more flicking between different websites. The best thing is, you can even transfer products which you didn’t buy through us onto your Toast Rack.

Our site is free to join - the only things that aren't free are the appointments and obviously buying a product through us. Making our charges as clear and transparent is important to us because the trust of our customers is important to us.

While what I've just described may sound ambitious, we believe we can pull it off, and hope you will as well.

You can sign in to our internal test site by the above URL and the following sign-in details:

password: test

Last updated 27 Mar 2012