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Developer description

It walk you through a 3 step process to create your website:

Choose a web address. (Example:
Create a name for the site.
Design your site. You’ll get to choose from 9 color schemes and 24 stock images or you may upload your own.

From within your site admin, you will be able to add, edit or delete articles, messages, and comments as well as add other Little fish friends.
Fill your site to the gills! Your articles can include photos and video (utilizing a YouTube account). You can even add content to your site via your mobile phone! All you need is internet accessability, an email account and a camera on your phone, and you can add content LIVE from the delivery room, from vacation or from any other adventure.
Once you have finished setting up your site, all you will need to do is share the web address with all your friends and family so they can dive in every day and read about all the fun things your little guppy is up to. Your visitors will be able to add messages as well as comments per article.

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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