Developer description

Pulse is a web-based cash flow management tool that allows you to easily monitor the heartbeat of your small business – your cash. Say goodbye to unmanageable spreadsheets, and hello to an intuitive interface with the power to quickly manage and evaluate your income and expenses. Pulse makes tracking the health of your business simple, accurate and efficient.
Because Pulse lets you categorize your income and expenses, your cash flow has never been so organized. Quickly pull in all your companies and projects from the popular project management web software Basecamp and Pulse will automatically organize your projects based upon company.

Past, present and future income: The main cash flow page lets you view your income and expenses over an 8 month time period. Scroll through past and future months with just a click of a button.
Keep track of potential income – JUST ADDED! When you enter an income item, you can give that income item or potential sale a percentage based upon the likelihood of you receiving it. Use the potential income slider to view potential income based upon your given percentage.

Features of Pulse:

Organize income by companies and projects
Organize income and expenses with categories
Integrates with Basecamp project collaboration tool
Company income history
Recurring income and expenses
Multiple user support (to share with investors, co-workers, etc…)
Potential sales/income tracker – JUST ADDED!

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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