Developer description

Reagan Tunes is a music on demand service that allows people to search for a song they want to hear and listen to it. It is a free service which is good that it is that as people don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees or pay for credits in advance. If a person likes a song, they can add it to their playlist and come back to listen to it later on.
It is run professionally and it has lyrics and videos on it making it a hub for music needs.
When using the website, I was surprised by the huge amount of music available for my listening disposal. I also noticed that the music was of a high quality. Unlike spotify or other music services, I was not restricted to having a lossy 128Kbps or 92Kbps bitrate. If I have a favourite song or one I can’t get out my head, I can use Reagan Tunes for it. Yes there is youtube, but some songs have been removed from youtube due to copyright restrictions.
Reagan Tunes is one of those websites that gets me through the days.
Another usage for Reagan Tunes is the ability to post music. You can put music onto your Wordpress, Blogger, Facebook, Myspace and whatever other social media website, blogging or site builder service you use. You can share music on twitter using this free service. You can embed the html code onto your home page. And you get to share the full song at the full quality for free without quality or time restrictions. Music is free again. You can also download music using this service.

Last updated 2 May 2010

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