Developer description

Managing a busy social diary can be a challenge, especially if you have a wide circle of friends and relations around the world. Finding time to get together is hard enough so finding out later you missed out on an opportunity to meet up can be vexing to say the least.

The new round-abouts app aims to solve this by taking the chance element out of chance meetings, helping you to make the most of any occasion. round-abouts manages to combine the organisational features of some apps with the geographical awareness of others while adding a novel twist - placing the emphasis on privacy by keeping the amount of personal information you share to a basic minimum in comparison to other apps that require you to conduct everything in an open, public forum. round-abouts works best for casual meetings or calendar events that are some way off.

For example, you may be taking your family on holiday abroad somewhere and are curious to know if anyone you know is going to be “round-abouts” while you are there. Or you may have tickets to a concert and would be interested to know if anyone in your social circle is planning to go too.

Why not make the most of the coincidence and arrange to get together while you are there? In this situation you probably want to keep things discreet and low key. This is where round-abouts comes into its own.

Last updated 4 Oct 2017