Developer description

An open source web application meant to help manage & create invoices in a simple, straightforward way.
Features to make you get the sweet

Simple & straightforwards: It does only one thing, but does it very well.
Comfortable: Everything is placed where you are expecting to find it.
Useful: Manage invoices with different serial numbers (as rectification invoices).
Pretty: Obtain printable pdf versions of the invoices, with a professional look & feel.
Flexible: Save drafts of your invoices and continue editing them later.
Productivity – oriented: Automatically generate invoices on a periodic basis.
Anywhere: Bill from any internet connection enabled place using a secure & restricted access.
Secure: Meets all your privacy and security requirements, and allows you to backup your data on your computer at any time.
Supported: It has a growing community of developers continuously working to add new features.

Last updated 1 Jul 2009