Developer description

More than simply video, Swyzzle, lets you create multi-media “shows” you can share with web communities…and even make money by recommending products from the world’s largest online retailer, So, who Swyzzles? For bloggers or anyone who communicates with social media, Swyzzle gives you sizzle by adding multi-media “must-see tv” to your posts. Create a cool Swyzzle show in no time – and quickly embed the show on FaceBook, Twitter, email, anywhere. If you are a small business or a marketing pro, Swyzzle gives you a powerful new way to market your offerings online…a Do-It-Yourself tool for creating compelling, multi-media marketing at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. And no matter who does the Swyzzling…bloggers, businessowners, marketers, or Twitterers…ANYONE can make money using Swyzzle’s connection. Just paste the Amazon products of your choice into your Swyzzle show, post the show, and earn a commission every time someone buys that product through your post. Sweet !!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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