Developer description

Tonido is an extensible platform that offers an array of applications including Photos, Jukebox, Web­share, and Workspace to make your digital life better and safer.
Tonido makes sharing and synchro­nizing data seamless by creating a mesh network among computers. Further, Tonido comes with a light-weight web server that serves the Tonido applications from your own computer. Thus your private data never has to reside on a third-party server or on the ‘cloud’. At the same time, the browser interface provides easy access to your Tonido applications from anywhere. The current Tonido applications are a precursor to the kind of applications you can expect from us in the future.

Total Privacy
Access from anywhere
Available anytime
Multiple Applications
Secure Communication
Encrypted data transfer
Social Networking: Private Invitation-only communities, Private and Public groups
Multiple Operating Systems

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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