Developer description

Vendr, ( is an online application that transforms any website or blog into an elegant comprehensive online store. All done WITHIN your own website or blog in as little as 15 minutes flat! Now in 15 languages and 23 currencies, Vendr allows the store owners to set up shop in multiple languages and leave the decision to their customers to choose which language to browse and purchase in.
Simple to use and feature full, Vendr is great for those looking to enter the e-commerce world, or just fed up of using third party platforms that direct customers elsewhere. Even though it has been built with simplicity as its main goal, Vendr still manages to cover all the features needed to transform any site into a fully-functional online store front and it does it beautifully!
I have went on this website and I was happy to find that it looked like the creators took the issues and problems from shopping cart systems built over ten years ago, and then started from scratch rectifying the problems.
The shopping cart works as a lightbox/modal window which is really useful for people who only know html or those who don’t know it at all. (A modal window is a box that overlays over the existing web page content, such as those dialog boxes on Facebook with the gray translucent border.)
There is a free plan available which would have be good for most people if they allowed digital downloads to be included in the plan.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011

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