Developer description

The unique requirement to enter the community Webtter is to have a Website. All sites should be included in a category, location and language. In addition, Webbter will assign, automatically, indicators of relevance and achievement, based on worldwide known parameters, such us Alexa ranking, Google pagerank,…
Once registered, you can ask a webmaster for making a review of your Website. In turn, you can also be requested to undertake a review of another Website.
Nobody is obliged to make reviews and there should be mutual agreement between both sides so that nobody can make a review of another Website without the consent of the owner.
Also can be crusaded reviews, getting feddback from both sides. In this case, the reviews can be private and with restricted access to the contents by both sides.
In order to make the best possible rate of the contributed information, for the documentary management of the users, all the reviews should indicate what aspects that have been assessed: design, usability, CSS standards, optimisation for search engines positioning, etc…

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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