Developer description

Reporting and analytics for data in the cloud.
youcalc offers an on-demand analytics platform for businesses and private users. Business users can build and run custom analytics apps (sales analytics, marketing analytics, financial reporting, HR performance, etc.) on top of on-demand/SaaS applications. Current solutions cover analytics for, SugarCRM, Highrise CRM, Google AdWords, etc., and more systems and solutions are added each week.
Businesses pay a monthly per user subscription fee, which gives access to build and run any number of analytics apps on any number of data sources.
youcalc offers private users free access to build and run analytics apps and widgets on most public data sources (Google Finance, eBay, Amazon, etc.), allowing users to create and share interactive chart widgets that analyze sports data, politics data, financial data, etc.
youcalc apps can run anywhere – inside iGoogle, inside, in a blog, on a Facebook account, etc.

Connect to any on-demand system
Run instantly – no setup
No training required
Library of ready-to-use apps
100% customizable
Access anywhere

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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