Developer description

ZCOPE is proud to provide its service to a bigger audience: The three classic project management areas of tasks, dates and budgets are organised with quality and simplicity via ZCOPE. Only necessary data is maintained in order that the focus always lays on the realisation of projects, not the planning. The easy handling motivates users to keep their data up to date.
Additionally the tool offers document management and a so-called project blog. Hence it‘s fully Web 2.0. No more email-flooding. All important information is saved centrally and is always accessible. As controlling communication is very important to almost all project managers, ZCOPE is the perfect solution.
The software understands itself as a tool for different approaches and project management methods. The means adapt to the end, the software to its user. ZCOPE is suited for all industries, project and team sizes. Everyone can work with it, also users with few experiences in managing projects.

Database: Each ZCOPE client has an own idependent database. Thus the access to installations other than their own is not possible for ZCOPE users. The database servers are not connected to the web servers. As they can‘t be accessed directly, hacking attacks on the system are made difficult.
Hosting: The databases are operated by a professional center, all uploaded documents hosted via Amazon‘s S3 service.
Downloads: The prmise for the download of documents is an active ZCOPE session, the whole S3 data management is protected by time-controlled session keys. An anonymous download is not possible.
SSL: For users with high security standards ZCOPE provides the SSL-protocoll (included in the ENTERPRISE plan by default), enabling a secure communication via the web browser.

Last updated 4 Aug 2009

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