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Quotes on Design

Cool Design quote like “A computer without Photoshop is like a dog with no legs. Sure is fun, ...  More

design knowledge

Mar 5th 2009

Visual Web Service

Visual Web Service is a website that allows anyone to point to a wsdl (the web service ...  More

design knowledge

Mar 5th 2009

My Social Buttons

Let the world know you are socially connected by adding social buttons to your website.


design social

Mar 5th 2009

Social Ribbon Generator

The social ribbon ad generator allows you to create ribbon ads to promote your social network ...  More

design social marketing

Mar 4th 2009


DesignSvn is an application created for designers and graphic artists to easily share their ...  More

design project management

Mar 2nd 2009

Handset Detection

The mobile web is exploding, however most websites look terrible on mobile phones. With ...  More

mobile design

Mar 2nd 2009 is a social news website made for people to discover and share More

social news design

Mar 2nd 2009

Chat Software Script

ChatScript is a php script for creating your own easy to deploy chat website. Your users can ...  More

chat design

Feb 28th 2009


Yokaboo is a simple and quick way to promote, sell and manage your online store. Create your ...  More

ecommerce shopping design

Feb 28th 2009 uses 5 different tests to allow the user to get the ...  More

design tools

Feb 26th 2009

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