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Podclass is the first online marketplace for the buying, selling and sharing of expertise in ...  More

education knowledge share


Elovivo is an authorable multilingual dictionary and language learning community. Users can ...  More

social education knowledge


A fun and useful web app that helps college students use their time more ...  More

time tracking education


Wijng is a language portal, that offers grammar, reading and listening lessons. All of these ...  More

education language


ReportBox is a website that enables primary school teachers to write their end-of-term ...  More

education management uk based


LaunchMind connects employers with graduates, helping them to find and target suitable ...  More

uk based job networking


GreenNote is an innovative new company that has been created to help students obtain loans ...  More

education finance is a business knowledge portal offering an opportunity for both professionals and ...  More

business education


This website offers a free online speed reading tool that acts as a reading ...  More

education tools productivity

Tangle is a social networking site demonstrating fellowship and family values through ...  More

video social education

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