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Vidmap is true Geo-Tagging for videos. Videos are mapped on the globus and played side by ...  More

video geo

Jun 9th 2009


Twitube is network for twitter users in London subway.


twitter geo local

Apr 14th 2009


Search for a place, business, address, post code etc. on your computer and it’ll Send the ...  More

mobile business geo

Mar 13th 2009


Filmaps is a new film locations website that also uses Google Maps to show the locations of ...  More

movie geo maps

Mar 12th 2009


Gowalla is a location-based iPhone game coming soon to Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New ...  More

iphone game geo

Mar 5th 2009


JungleThingy integrates the Google Maps API and the Amazon Web ...  More

travel book maps

Feb 25th 2009

Tweetmapper is a new twitter service which allows you to place your tweets on the ...  More

twitter geo maps

Feb 20th 2009


Click2Map is full featured and user friendly system allows you to create online maps, add ...  More

geo maps

Feb 20th 2009

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