Local apps

iGuide, Interactive Travel Guide

iGuide is a powerful travel mashup which fuses together the web’s best user-generated ...  More

local travel environment

Mar 25th 2010


Join a community of travellers and find hundreds of thousands of reviews and travel tips for ...  More

local just for fun knowledge

Mar 16th 2010

Staff Guardian

Improve your team’s operational efficiency
Ensure your staff are safe when ...  More

twitter time tracking management

Mar 7th 2010


Trustedplaces is a community of real people, like you and me, who enjoy discovering and ...  More

local business review

Jan 23rd 2010

Local Sale Finder

Local Sale Finder is an iPhone app and a website that allows you to fin d the best deals and ...  More

local search iphone

Jan 12th 2010


Twitube is network for twitter users in London subway.


twitter geo local

Apr 14th 2009


Realtime disease detection for your city from messages on Twitter (and soon Facebook).


twitter health local

Mar 20th 2009


Search for a place, business, address, post code etc. on your computer and it’ll Send the ...  More

mobile business geo

Mar 13th 2009


ArtCalendr is a free online service that provides comprehensive details on art exhibitions ...  More

event local

Mar 6th 2009


SpringStage is a network of community catalysts who are in tune with their local ...  More

business networking local

Mar 5th 2009

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