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On you can find the most rated hotels from travelers, so you can find the best ...  More

travel review

Mar 9th 2009


Better your software choice. List your software, get recommendations.



Mar 6th 2009

Hotel Video Reviews

Hotel Video Reviews come from real travelers who visited the hotel in person. All Hotel Video ...  More

travel video review

Mar 5th 2009


Kutano is a browser add-on that lets you make comments alongside any webpage – without the ...  More

review share

Mar 5th 2009


  1. Save time and money with the help of a local
  2. Meet new friends and experience ...  More

travel local review

Feb 28th 2009


wwwitter is a tool that lets you take part in Twitter discussions about any ...  More

twitter review

Feb 28th 2009

Good Baad

Good Baad is only interested in two opinions (whatever the topic): Good or Baad.


social review

Feb 17th 2009


WhatZapping it’s a user based TV guide.
Here, users can share with other “zappers” tips ...  More

tv review

Feb 13th 2009


Kumbooka – a social media site dedicated to your “Stuff”

  1. Share your ...  More

social organize review

Feb 13th 2009

URL Rate

URL Rate lets you rate your site based on a number of different ...  More

stats bookmarking review

Feb 13th 2009

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