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Use bithub to share and sync your files on as much computers as you like. So your files will ...  More

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Apr 1st 2009

Jively is a social media and news platform to share and tag what’s happening around you as it ...  More

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Mar 24th 2009 is a free directory of famous quotes powered by people. It allows users to ...  More

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Mar 23rd 2009


Create wish lists for you, your children and your spouse. Share your wish lists with the ...  More

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Mar 23rd 2009


Drag and drop iTunes sync! Just drop your tracks into the Echodio playlist to synchronize ...  More

music share storage

Mar 20th 2009


Moontoast is a global marketplace of human knowledge where the world comes together to share ...  More

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Mar 20th 2009


MochiMention is a feedback system that can be used to rate and comment on anything online.


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Mar 17th 2009


Twitmatic lets you watch a real-time stream of videos being shared on Twitter.


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Mar 17th 2009


Qwiji is the most fun and smart way to browse the web by watching and creating ...  More

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Mar 14th 2009


A free service that enables you to claim your work, watch how it spreads and learn how it is ...  More

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Mar 12th 2009

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