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The Petite Shop

The Petite Shop is the first ecommerce site dedicated exclusively to petite clothing for women ...  More


Apr 7th 2014


Vendr, ( is an online application that transforms any website or blog into an ...  More


Jul 28th 2010

myBantu-Online Personal Assistant --- Get Relevant Recommendations assists users with 3-9 personalized and relevant recommendations based on its ...  More

advertising alerts just for fun

Jul 25th 2010


Cart2Cart is an online shopping cart migration service which allows e-tailers to migrate all ...  More


Apr 2nd 2010


Voucher search engine with thousands of vouchers from online voucher codes to local deals.


search shopping

Jan 20th 2010

Local Sale Finder

Local Sale Finder is an iPhone app and a website that allows you to fin d the best deals and ...  More

local search iphone

Jan 12th 2010

31 Bits Designs

31 Bits jewelry is made out of 100% recycled paper, posters, and magazines by internally ...  More

philanthropy shopping

Apr 14th 2009


On Reyooz you can give away things that have been taking up space for too long, or you can ...  More

social shopping

Mar 25th 2009


Buy and sell brochure template designs that include layouts, photos and vector artwork. Get ...  More

shopping design

Mar 23rd 2009


TrendGal is a social shopping application focusing on women’s fashion.

  1. Browse ...  More

shopping social

Mar 20th 2009

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